Cederick Forsberg’s Blazon Stone is, despite uncomplete line-up, ready to release its fifth album this year. PowerMetal.no asked Ced a couple of questions about the search for new members and the upcoming album.

In November 2018 we could learn that Blazon Stone was officially put on hold due to uncomplete line-up. Could you go back in time and elaborate around what happened back then? Who left, why did they leave, who were the remaining members?

Cederick: I only had a temporary hired singer, Philip [Forsell] from Antham, and drummer, Daniel [Sjögren] from Twilight Force and Bloodbound, during the summers gigs. After the summer Daniel needed to focus on his main bands and then I had no drummer to play live with, and since I couldn’t find any other I thought it was best to consider the project on hold until I find other musicians.

I know that you tried to find musicians, and as far as I know you searched almost all of Europe trying to find musicians to join. How frustrating was that period?

Cederick: I’m still looking so it’s not over. The only member I can think having outside Sweden is singer. But the guy must be really good and fit the sound to be worth the extreme costs that will be unavoidable in such a situation. I don’t think I can afford it anyway.

Could you tell me some about the musicians you contacted?

Cederick: No, that’s not for public.

But, fast forward to February 2018, where we could see the new album cover of the upcoming Blazon Stone album. So, I have obviously missed something here… What happened? Have you secretly gathered a bunch of musicians, or what?

Cederick: Just like all previous albums I recorded all instruments myself; guitar, bass, drums etc. I don’t need a band to record albums since I can handle all instruments myself. The singer, Erik Forsberg from War Of The Roses/Down In The Dark, was hired just to record the album, he’s not actually back in the band. I need somebody who’s really into this. Erik Forsberg has a fantastic voice, but I need somebody with the right fire and attitude to front the band for real.

Why is it that you record all the instruments yourself. Is it because you can, or is it because you find it easier and more convenient?

Cederick: No, I really want to a have a fully functioning band with driven and enthusiastic members, but there is just a lack of talents around these parts that fits the band. I cannot magically summon talented musicians out of nowhere. The good ones are often already busy in other bands. I’m not lowering my standards and compromising with musical skills.

Then after that, it’s hard enough to find musicians who are not only skilled but also nice persons that you can get along with for a long time. There’s so much that goes into finding a suitable musician. And I’m not living in a big city with hundreds of thousands of people, I live in a little outskirt village and the nearby towns/cities are still very small. That’s why I have to look around the entire country and even outside Sweden but it’s all very frustrating.

Who are the members of Blazon Stone now?

Cederick: It’s just me and 2nd guitarist Emil [Westin Skogh]. Emil was guitarist in Rocka Rollas and since I buried that project a couple of years ago I thought he would fit into Blazon Stone instead.

About Rocka Rollas; for the people out there who doesn’t know you and the projects/band; could you guide us through them? Because; the Facebook-page is a combination of two bands: Rocka Rollas and Blazon Stone.

Cederick: I have tried to remove «Rocka Rollas» from the Facebook page, but they refuse me to. Rocka Rollas is dead and buried and not coming back at all, so I wish I could remove it. I was able to add Blazon Stone. But yeah, I combine all my projects here. Rocka Rollas was speed / power metal and was suppsoed to be a full band but I never found a good singer, so I couldn’t make it reality and decided to kill it off because it was impossible to find good enough singer. Blazon Stone is just a Running Wild ripoff and was a studio project for fun to begin with but with time I have decided I want to try making a full band out of it. That’s going «ok»…

There are some holes on your Facebook page, there seems like you have started all over again?

Cederick: Yes, I wanted to start over.

What about your other projects?

Cederick: Breitenhold is another solo project where I do everything myself, including vocals, that basically sounds exactly like Rocka Rollas. Mortyr is another solo project but with hired singer, not much happening there… Runelord is a «hired gun» project where a guy called Fredrik writes lyrics and hires me to write and record all music. I have previous Blazon singer Georgy Peichev [Mosh-Pit Justice] on vocals for that project. A third and last album is in the works. Lector doesn’t do much anymore. Cloven Altar is Dustin [Umberger] from Grim Deeds metal project, where he writes most of the songs and I record them, and he records his vocals on it.

How do you manage to be involved in so many bands and projects?

Cederick: I can be involved in so many projects because I do everything myself and don’t have to compromise with others much of the time.

But, back to the upcoming album with Blazon Stone: this will be the fifth album – how will you describe it?

Cederick: It’s focused on fast songs most of the time, there’s absolutely no slow songs on the album. I like that. But maybe next album will be more varied, we’ll see!

The album artwork was leaked; do you know anything about that?

Cederick: Yes, I was informed by a fan and showed the artwork myself as fast as I could. Not a big deal.

What about the future of Blazon Stone? And what about the line-up status?

Cederick: There is no line-up at the moment. Except Emil. But I really need singer, drummer and bass player.

Do you have any plans for touring and concerts?

Cederick: No. Not until I have a line-up.

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