The French symphonic power metal band Fairyland are back once again. After releasing three studio albums between 2003 and 2009, there have been silence from the band. But now, almost ten years later, Fairyland is back! had to have a small talk with the founder, Philippe Giordana.

In 2009 Fairyland released Score To A New Beginning, one of my favorite albums of all time. To bad it would take almost ten years until I heard from the Fairyland camp again. What have you been up to since then?

Philippe: Well, the one major event was returning from a solo project to an actual band. Willdric Lievin [co-founder] from the first album and Score To A New Beginning is back as a permanent member. He’s also the album’s producer, which is quite convenient. Also joining the band are Sylvain Cohen and JB Pol from Kerion and Hamka. They are people I’ve been working with for years, and it really helped the recording process. Last but not least, Francesco Cavalieri from the Italian band Wind Rose is taking care of the lead vocals, along with a guest appearance by Elisa C. Martin [ex Dark Moor].

That sounds very promising! Why did it take so long for you to release the new album, Osyrhianta?

Philippe: The writing process was well underway and finished around 2012, I think. But life goes on, and many situations prevented us from moving as fast as we used to. I got married, Willdric got a kid, and so on and so on. I also got into two major accidents, one in 2014 where I broke my neck and almost died (much better now, the titanium plate really helps) and another one in 2015 where I broke my hip bone (much better now, the titanium hip really helps). So, accounting for hospitals stay, rehab, a mishap on the hip replacement surgery and all the rest that follows, that was 3 years lost. Oh, and the hunt for a new label to release the album.

I know a lot of people have been waiting for the new album. When did you start work on that, and how has that been?

Philippe: I started writing for the next album back in 2009, just around the time we released Score To A New Beginning. Really, as I said before, pretty much all of the songs were finished in 2012. We just didn’t have the opportunity to start recording at the time. Since then, of course, there’s been a few changes in the songs and arrangements, so I’d say the delay is mostly a positive thing.

What can you tell me about the new album? Is it Fairyland as we know it, or have you been working out something new and different?

Philippe: I’m pretty sure you’ll recognize Fairyland’s signature. There’s a bit from all previous albums in terms of style. The sound so far is probably the best we’ve ever had. No surprise there, seeing the amount of time Willdric and I spent in the studio working on the fine details (mostly Willdric). There will be 10 tracks and almost an hour of music. The album will deal with what happened from the beginning of Oshyria until the rise of Cenos. Those who have read the concept will hopefully understand the implications in the various lyrics. 

When can we expect to hear something from the new album, and when will it be released?

Philippe: I don’t really know. We just finished the final mix and are planning to shoot our very first music video in October, so maybe something by the beginning of 2019. As for the release date, we’ll have to gather all the material (music, video, promo pictures etc.) and then let the label work with it.

What is the current status of Fairyland? Are you looking forward and already planning the next album?

Philippe: It’s a rare existence, but this time we’d like to concentrate on the new album and see how it goes. If we are well on our way, with concerts and such, I’ll take the time to write some new material. But inspiration is not something you can order, and with family life and all, I’ll have to wait and see…

Will there be any tour or concerts in the future?

Philippe: Hopefully, yes! We don’t have any fixed plan yet, but we’ll definitely get back on stage.

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