Wings Of Destiny’s fourth studio album is just around the corner. And this being the bands fourth album in four years, you can say that productivity is certainly not an obstacle for the Costa Rican. caught up with the band just as they released the first single.

The first single, «Facing The Beast», from the upcoming album Revelations was released a few days ago. Would you say it gives a good picture of what we can expect from the album as a whole?

WoD: The single is very related to the bands style and our musical direction. But no, it does not give you a picture of what you can expect from the album as a whole, because the new album has a lot more to offer! This is just a glimpse and shows only one of the sides of the album. But, we can’t give it all away, haha! There will be at least two or three more singles released, and then you will get a better picture.

What can you tell me about the lyrics on «Facing The Beast»?

WoD: The lyrics are connected conseptually to the album story, but we can’t reveal anything until the album is out. But, if we look at the song as a single, the song is about facing your inner beast and your demons; never back down and basically never surrender. The whole meaning is «defeat your fears, all the obstacles in life, be what you want to be, and be a real her in your real life – today».

The song is featuring Bob Katsionis. How did that happened?

WoD: We met him on a tour we did with Firewind in Mexico. We played a couple of shows and the guy was absolutely great; he was too cool to be a rockstar, you know! So, we became good friends and just invited him to contribute on this song. And it was perfect, since the song has this instrumental «duel» part in it and we were also lacking a keyboard player. So, we invited Bob and he did not only accept to do some solos, but he recorded all the keyboards on this single and another one. So, everything worked out great!

See the music video of the single «Facing The Beast» at the bottom.

You are soon to release your fourth studio album, Revelations. How does that feel?

WoD: It feels great, man! We needed this to happen very soon, since our last release was something like a mini-album [Butterfly Effect, 2017] that actually had mixed reviews. Everyone was waiting for a long production, and not a short album, and after two strong albums like Kings Of Terror [2016] and Time [2015] this was a must for us! So, we feel great and full of energy! We really want to show what this band is capable of!

This will be your fourth album in four years! How do you manage to be so productive?

WoD: Well, we are living in a time of globalization, and where the technology developes almost every day, so we definitely have to be productive or else we can get lost in the whole stream of new bands and music that’s being released all over the world.

The great thing is that our band members are all very creative and that we understand the whole concept of moving forward and always keep up with the modern rhythm of things.  Anton Darusso, for example, is a crazy workaholic, haha! The band will always try to maintain this rhythm of production; Wings Of Destiny is a part of our lives and it will definitely continue to be so.

Also, we get a lot of inspiration in our daily life, so there is no problem in writing music. We are at the peak of our productive life right now, and we will use every minute of it to the maximum.

The band was founded in 2013. What can you tell me about the foundation of the band?

WoD: The band was founded in 2013 by Anton Darusso [vocals] and his friend, the extraordinary virtuoso bassist Bryan «Nightwish» Salas, around the time the first album Time was recorded. The whole concept was created by Anton and Bryan, and then by adding Alejandro Amador [keyboard] and Cristian Jimenez [guitar] the concept was defined and refined. Later, after playing a lot of concerts and recording, we got a stable lineup when Roberto Ulloa [drums], Daniel Chavez [guitar] and Emil Minott [bass] joined the band. Recently our keyboard player left the band due to personal issues, but the rest of us remains. And we really hope that this lineup will stay forever, but you never know…  But you can be sure that as long as Anton and Cristian are alive and well, Wings Of Destiny will continue its course.

A year after the foundation, you released your debut album. Looking back; what do you think of that album now?

WoD: That album was incredibly unique; it opened a lot of doors for the band, and also, somehow, positioned the band on the international metal scene. The album made us noticed and it was absolutely a positive atmosphere attached to it. It was great to record it and to play it live, and it did set a certain level and direction of the whole band.

How has the band changed musically during the years?

WoD: Well, the band has grown a lot; we feel more mature and the band is at its peak regarding creativity. We definitely know what we want! We have a more mature sound and we are a real beast live! So, more experienced but we still feel hungry and on the edge, an that is something you will feel when listening to the new album.

Yes, let’s talk about the new album. How has the recording been like?

WoD: The recording was great! We are finishing some details now. Everyone in the band is on the same page; there has not been any discussions and there is no egos – we are just moving forward until we have made a great album! We  don’t want to let our fans down, and even though the international giants of the genre may don’t even know we actually exist – we compete with them!

Musically; what can you tell me about the new album?

WoD: We decided to take it to another level this time, compared to our previous albums. Musically the albums is «in your face»; it’s raw, but without loosing the power metal touch. It’s a little bit symphonic, and you can hear the influence not only from power metal, but some progressive stuff, neoclassical, heavy metal, trash and speed metal, among other influences. It’s a concept album, so all the songs and instrumentals are connected, and it has a lot of elements that we haven’t used before. 

I can reveal that there is a short a cappella song and one, almost, black metal song on the album. So, die hard fans will not be let down and this album will certainly melt some faces! 

Previously you have had guest vocalist, is that also the case on this album?

WoD: Yes, it is! On this album we have the amazing Henning Basse [Firewind]. We were joking that on our past albums we have only had Italian guest vocalist [Roberto Tiranti and Fabio Lione], so on this album we wanted to try something different. So, we have both Henning and Bob from Firewind, but also Roland Grapow [Masterplan, ex-Helloween].

I can hear that you are inspired by bands such as Angra, Blind Guardian, and other speed and prog metal bands. You mentioned some of it in the question above, but what separates Wings Of Destiny from other bands?

WoD: Well, yes, we are a power metal band, so don’t forget Helloween! And yes, we are inspired by a lot of the speed and trash metal bands from the 80’s. But there are certainly some distinctions from other bands of the genre, starting with the fact that our singer, Anton, has a very particular voice that is recognizable that defines our style, even though musically it can be similar to all those bands you mentioned. Also, melodically we combine a lot of styles, but we also manage to have enough roughness and melody that we don’t loose the power metal feel.

You are from Costa Rica: how are the power metal scene there?

WoD: Well, there are very few bands playing this type of music in Central America, so it certainly gives us credit. Most of the bands are «underground» types of bands, so we can definitely say that the power metal scene is small.

This will be your fourth album; do you feel that Wings Of Destiny is being more and more talked about and that the number of fans are increasing?

WoD: Yes, we feel that. And we are very happy that the fan base is growing. 

Do you have any tour plans after the album is released?

WoD: Yes, we expect to be on tour during 2019. The dates are soon to be confirmed. But, everything depends on local promoters, we are ready to go! So, talk to your local promoters! – and we’ll see you on the road! 


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